Ainsi Blois vous est conté / APRIL 2018





After months of preparation, the teams of Cosmo AV are more than happy to present you “Ainsi, Blois vous est conté“, our new videomapping presented in the courtyard of the sumptuous Royal Castle of Blois.

After 25 years of broadcast and millions of spectators, the city of Blois has chosen to modernize its show and give it a brand new skin. Legendary, the voices of voices of Robert Hossein, Pierre Arditi or Fabrice Luchini remains. Cosmo AV is facing a major challenge: revisiting a well-known show and bringing it a contemporary treatment while creating a new rhythm that does not distort the essence of the original scenario.

On each of the four wings of the castle we defy history! The facades adorn themselves with lilies, emblems of the kings of France then they move between the shadow and the light, open their windows to make room for the dancers and the actors. While some illustrate the evenings of the Renaissance,  the others are conspiring. Before our eyes, the Duc de Guise, incarnate, passes away. The psychedelic mazes lead him to his end, the spectators slide in his wake.

Immersive and striking, this videomapping recreates history, illustrates the strong moments and abolishes time.