Beijing. From January 6th to 8th 2018.

FANG FU. FOREVER. The first show produced by Balich Worldwide Show in China was unveiled on January 6, 2018 at Water Cube, Beijing National Swimming Center. An incredible show portraying the connecting between the past, present and future with the same spirit that has animated the Silk Road for millennia.

On stage, acrobats, dancers and musicians carry away the audience on an extraordinary journey where tradition blends with futuristic trends.
Artists and performers are guided by an iconic red ribbon and cross eras under multiple scenic effects. The light and laser design by Koert Vermeulen combines brilliantly with the images created by Cosmo AV to create a modern setting for the venue.

In just two months, the Cosmo AV teams worked hard to create this monumental video mapping. Combining drawings, real images and 3D environments, this sensational content immerses us in a historic and modern journey of majestic China. An intense and unforgettable adventure proudly led by Lida Castelli – Creative Director, and BWS teams.

56 minutes of show, 3 nights in a row, in the heart of Beijing’s famous Water Cube. This gigantic complex hosted the swimming competitions during the 2003 Summer Olympic Games. To give the 4,500 spectators a stunning staging, the Olympic swimming pool was covered by the stage where stands a 450 m² LED screen, where are projected the creations of Cosmo AV.


Photo Credits: Luca Parisse for Balich Worldwide Shows
Show Credits: Creative & Executive Production Balich Worldwide Shows