A spirit invaded the El Badi Palace for the 8th edition of the French Humor festival Marrakech du Rire! Jamel and his friends will have to fight him. Transformed into ghostbusters, they will play, in front of the images created by Cosmo AV.

Since 4 years, Cosmo AV accompanies Kissman Production in the realisation of the projections on the El Badi Palace during the “Marrakech du Rire“. A spectacular effect that announce the arrival of Jamel Debbouze on stage and allows the transitions between the different comedians. This year, Jamel and his friends will have to fight the spirit of El Badi Palace who kidnapped the DJ, compromising the end of the show.

To embody the spirit, we have created a 3D mask through the wall of the palace before animating it in the smoke so that it addresses the actors. Then, the videomapping changes the set design into a sumptuous palace, from where Jamel and his friends arise to face the spirit.

Broadcasted on French TV, the show was attended by 2.59 million people.


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