Le Dernier Panache – Puy du Fou

For the new season 2016, the Puy du Fou theme park presented on 2nd April Le Dernier Panache, a brand-new attraction, which tells the life of Charrette de la Contrie, a Navy officer and a leader of the Revolt in the Vendée. A scene of 7 500 m², 2.400 tiers of seating, projected pictures for this half-hour show, where virtual and real decors sometimes mix up to the point of having difficulty in making difference between projection and reality.
Tribune, sound, lighting and screens rotate in 360 degrees, a process making possible thanks to the technical and artistic expertise delivered by COSMO AV. We created the whole picture of the show and implemented all the technology for this projection of 58 Megapixels, mixing CGI, shooting in 6K RED and compositing in total immersion.