252nd anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum – Saint Petersburg / DECEMBER 2016





Cosmo AV designed and produced a monumental projection on the Hermitage Museum on the occasion of its 252 nd anniversary. In 2014, we participated in the 250th anniversary of the Hermitage by projecting a videomapping on the facade of the General Staff Building. As an echo to the past, the lights cross the square to reach, this time, the Winter Palace.

Constructed from 1754 to 1762 at the request of The Empress Elizabeth, the Winter Palace, majestic residence of the Tsars, is an emblem of Baroque architecture and Saint Petersburg cultural richness. Catherine II, during her reign, affects part of the palace salons in a personal museum, creating little by little what will become the State Hermitage Museum. Several times destroyed, enlarged and renovated, this Tsars heritage now detains the largest collection of work of art in the world.

To celebrate the 252 years of the building, Dance Open, organizes “Mystery of Lights”, an event combining the latest technologies with the representation of eternal art. Through a 3D video mapping, Cosmo AV retraces the 252 years of the Museum, in a waltz through works and time. The frames open onto the sumptuous state rooms of the Palace, in a stretch of light that reveals the columns and ornaments of the incredible façade of the Winter Palace.

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