COSMO AV was established in 2003 by Jose Cristiani and Pierre-Yves Toulot, its current managers.

Cosmo AV is internationally renown for its video mapping and creations, be it Architecture, TV Live Shows or huge events across the world.

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Our skills

Scenography, lights, graphic design, 2D/3D animation, filmmaking and audio-visual production, our technical expertise covers a large field of skills:

  • Video mapping production and building projection for cultural & entertainment live shows, big events, exhibitions, concerts…
  • Images set design
  • Conception & technical consulting for multimedia shows
  • Graphic design & shows production, stage management
  • Video recording and editing, post-production engineering
P« Paris en fête » – Orsay Museum
Shakhtar Donetsk
Tower’s Madness – Saint-Amand-les-Eaux
Festival Circle of Light – Moscou


Cosmo AV is a creation studio specialised in Video mapping. As content creators and artistic consultants, we have a global vision of your projects, from the concept to the implementation.

We light up stories and raise emotions to bring you the most spectacular experience.

We are at the core of your demand. We adapt our services to your needs. We mix our creativity and our technological performance to provide what suits you best. Our offer covers many possibilities to turn any idea in a spectacular and unique experience.

FInternational Humour Festival – Marrakesh
Champagne's nights – Épernay
Carmina Burana – Roman Theater of Orange