Broadcast on M6 on July 12, the “Marrakech du Rire” gained a historic audience share with 3.41 million viewers. This festival created by Jamel Debbouze in 2011 featured numerous comedians such as Gad Elmaleh, Elie Semoun, Bruno Salomone, and Omar Sy.


In full possession of the stage of the Palais El Badi, Jamel and his friends give two hours of humor to their spectators. The humorists succeed each other and present their novelties before finishing on the “Skontch” – an alliance between sketch and tale – caricaturating Grease.


Cosmo AV accompanies this final scene with a video mapping projected on the facade of the Palais, crossing the representative sites of the film and the 70s: amusement park decorations and Drive-In follow the rhythm of musical and humorous interpretation Jamel Debbouze, Elie Semoun and their friends.


Since 2015, Cosmo AV is in charge of the development of the video mapping projected during the “Marrakech du rire”. At the crossroads of technical and artistic innovations, the images created aim to highlight the artists’ writing and to illustrate them in such a way as to make the spectators plunge into the heart of the story that is being counted on them.


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