June 19th, the 7th edition of « Musiques en fête » gathered 1,5 million of viewer.

Since 2014, the teams of Cosmo AV have accompanied Morgane Production in the production of the program “Musiques en Fête”. An evening that celebrates classical music in the heart of the Antique Theater of Orange in front of 8,500 spectators. Orchestra, choirs and artists come together, perform the greatest tracks of the classical repertoire and revisit the pop and the French variety. A part highlighted by Jane Birkin, reproducing with emotion the song of Serge Gainsbourg.

An exceptional show requiring months of preparation and enhancing a unique and atypical decor: the Theater Antique. To accompany the performances of the musicians, choirs and singers, we have endowed the Theater with multiple lights by adapting each title to a particular atmosphere. Projected on the wall, these video mapping perfectly integrate the relief of the stones and add to the grandiose interpretations by creating universes in which the spectators immerse and can imagine themselves at the core of the adventures of the greatest operas.

In 2014, Musiques en fête was voted “favorite show of the French”. Broadcasted live on France 3, it is one of the biggest prime time live in the world and the unforgettable appointment of the classical music enthusiasts. This program received the highest quality score of the year with 9/10 (qualitative TV ratings).

Replay available on Culturebox.