1917 at the Festival of Lights of Saint Petersburg / November 2017




On the occasion of the St. Petersburg Festival of Lights and the anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917, Cosmo AV teams traveled to Russia to project a video mapping on the General Staff Building.



1905, January 22, St. Petersburg, the population parades, she is hungry, the repression is bloody, it is the “Red Sunday”.
1917, February, food shortages, tiredness of the World War I, strikes, riots, lead to the fall of Tsar Nicholas II and the accession of a provisory government.
1917, October 24, Petrograd, Winter Palace. Lenin’s Red Guards take power.
1991, December 26, the USSR is dissolved.

For the commemoration of the centenary of the October Revolution and the St. Petersburg Festival of Lights, the company Dance Open has asked us to collaborate in order to create a show to the size of this period and the facade of the General Staff Building ; strong, poignant and epic.
Under the direction of the writers of Dance Open, the artists of Cosmo AV extracted the emotions from words to paint the past through video mapping. Historical and real images mingle with 3D graphics.On the Palace Square, all the actors of this story met.
Nicolas II, accompanied by his wife and children, looks at his Winter Palace with melancholy.
Straight out of a film by Eisenstein, the Aurora sailors storm the Hermitage, Lenin harangues the crowd.
At the Alexandrinsky Theater actors and dancers perform on stage in a flamboyant setting. But a hungry crowd interrupts their show.
St. Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad, this city has witnessed all these hopes and all these dramas.
But St. Petersburg is still there, beautiful.Cosmo AV thanks the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg and the Dance Open Ballet Festival for their hospitality and trust.