Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at Chorégies d’Orange




Each season, Les Chorégies d’Orange perform a Symphonic concert at the core of the Antic theater of Orange. Dedicated to the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, this concert featured the Philharmonic Orchestra and the Choir of Radio France, directed by Myung Whun Chung.

We have transformed the wall of the Theater into a canvas where paintings and videomapping mix up in a representation of the “Beethoven Frieze” by Gustav Klimt. This piece created in 1902 is preserved in the Palace of the Secession of Vienna. Inspired by the 9th Symphony, it accords to its rhythm and is articulated in different panels in order to express the research for happiness and the fight of Man against the hostile forces.

The “Beethoven Frieze” was originally created to show the interaction between different artistic disciplines and to form a “total work of art”. The video mapping offers a new dimension to this concept by integrating the components of the fresco to create an animated variant that accentuates its allegorical force.

To pay tribute to Klimt’s work as well as to Beethoven’s, our artistic team recreated the motifs of the fresco, recomposed the elements and animated them to unite the 9th Symphony to its most famous pictorial interpretation.



For the third year, Cosmo AV accompanied Morgane Production teams at the Chorégies d’Orange to illustrate the most beautiful repertoires of classical music in the incredible  Antic Theater.