Roberto Alagna and Aleksandra Kurzak perform brindisi, La Traviata, for an evening dedicated to classical music organised by Dance Open in Saint Petersburg.


May 26, 2018, the 315 years of the city of St. Petersburg.
The famous bridges of the city open every evening of the summer to the sound of Russian composers of classical music. This event called “The Singing Bridges” is accompanied by many events in the city, including “Classics at the Palace Square”, an exceptional evening that revisits the greatest tunes of classical music at the Winter Palace Square, in front of several thousand people.

Each performance is a full-fledged show with its own atmosphere, costumes, dances and a custom-made videomapping. The panels surrounding the scene are adorned with landscapes, colorful prints and vaporous tints. The projection allows to create a custom decor, changing to the rhythm of the music and highlights of the show.

450,000 people were on the forecourt of the Winter Palace to attend “Classics at the Palace Square”.
In 2016, Cosmo AV dressed the facade of the majestic Winter Palace for the 252nd anniversary of the Hermitage Museum.