Cosmo AV and the Métropole Rouen Normandie collaborate again for the 5th edition of “Cathedral of Light“. “Fiers et conquérants”, our new video mapping traces the epic story of William the Conqueror and his conquest of England.

To bring out the essence of adventures, we have distilled the history books and read between the lines. We have transposed the past into the present and mixed different artistic disciplines to shape our new ode to the splendor of Notre-Dame de Rouen. For the realization of this spectacle we have appealed to many artists in order to offer a spectacle always expanding the limits of the real. In order to be closer to history and to recreate the special atmosphere of the battles, we appealed to the painter Franz Dolstal, whose brushstrokes seem like the knights’ swords and redrawn the contours of romances and betrayals. The musical creation of Rémi Boubal supports this ode to the epic of William, oscillates between authentic and contemporary, integrates electronic sounds, energizes the narration, and completes the sensation of immersion of video mapping.

These multiple artistic and human collaborations allow us today to proudly present this epic which will highlight the story of a conquest, the audacity of a man, his destiny beyond norms.
Surprising and heavenly, this epic invites its public to be part of William’s legacy via its genealogical tree composing the final fresco of the spectacle. This participatory sequence allows the inhabitants of the city and people stopping by to be, for a moment, at the heart of the adventure of Cathedral of Light. For this participative project integrated into the show, we have set up a dedicated website where everyone can post a photo in order to be part William’s tree. We invited the public to participate and accompany our hero in this show by appearing in this line of Normans “Proud and conquering”.
A participatory sequence that echoes that of the show “Jeanne(s)“, projected a few moments after “Fiers & Conquérants”. For him, the teams of Cosmo AV went to Rouen to film these faces of women who, in the same echo, pronounce “my name is Jeanne”, each in their own way, in front of our cameras. They become the eternal inheritance of Joan of Arc, and the portrait of her who has never had one.

The epic of Guillaume and his conquest of England every night charm several thousands of spectators in the square of the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Rouen.
This edition of “Cathedral of Lights” also welcomes our creation “Jeanne (s)“, revisited with new faces of inhabitants of the city.