July 28th 2018 : the “Nuits Lumière” starts in Bourges. This series of 3d mapping throughout the city, highlighting its heritage.

For 15 years, Bourges has been highlighting a route of buildings throughout the city using projections of still images. In 2018, the city is modernizing the scenography, turning it to digital. This new generation show is projected on the Palais Jacques Cœur and on the walls of the Jardin de l’Archevêché. Meanwhile, the other stages of the course will be illuminated with traditional heritage lighting.

The Gallo-Roman wall of the Jardin de l’Archevêché is the beginning of this urban journey. Led by a bear (symbol of the Duke of Berry), the videomapping leads us through the history of the city, from the Gallo-Roman era to the Renaissance. After that, the audience goes to the Palais Jacques Coeur, where the projection goes back to the origins of the one called “the little King of Bourges”.

For several weeks, Cosmo AV teams have done historical research to reconstruct the events that have marked the city.
Time passing is a common thread. The walls are a single place to broadcast the shows just as aesthetic as playful. Our writing process takes into account the characteristics of the building, as well as the highlights of its history, before transforming it into an entertaining spectacle and a source of wonder.

The “Nuits Lumière” will be visible in Bourges until September 29, 2018.