Cosmo AV flies to Tokyo to face a monument of size: The Sky Tree Tower. Created in 2012 and located in the authentic neighborhood of Sumida-Ku, its 634 meters give it the place of the second highest monument in the world. An inescapable treasure of the Tokyo lifestyle, which wear diffuse shadows at nightfall ; the symbol of renewal of time, from the Edo era to the Heisei one.
A new wind in the traditional neighborhoods, accompanied by a city in its own right: Tokyo Solamachi. Transformed into a veritable garden of lights during the christmas times, Solamachi becomes the jewel of the Christmas Dream show and allows the unequaled Tower to adorn itself with its very first videomapping.

The spectacle transforms the tower into a real Christmas tree through delightful and whimsical kaleidoscopic pictures. The lights follow one another in a hypnotic twist where the deformations mingle with the cogs of the wheels and the robotic atmospheres. The musical creation of Spiky the Machinist animates the sparkling artifices in an electronic music remix and the modern adaptation of traditional music.

The Sky Tree Christmas show is the third collaboration between Cosmo AV and SC ALLIANCE, after the opening of the Grand Front Osaka in 2014 and the scenography of the Wonderland Tour of the band Dreams Come True.